Invited Talk

Sl. No Title of the professional development program organized for teaching staff Dates
1 Prof. David M Steinberg, Tel Aviv University, Israel, Multi - Factor Online Testing 02-07-2019
2 Prof. Shalabh, IIT Kanpur, On Goodness of Fit in Non-Parametric Measurement Error Model 03-05-2019
3 Prof. Anup Diwanji, ISI Kolkata, Dynamic Stress-Strength Modeling 22-02-2019
4 Prof. Anup Diwanji, ISI Kolkata, Optional Allocation Design 20-02-2019
5 Mr. Justin Thomas, Skill Enhancement Program 16-02-2019
6 Prof. Asokan Mulayath Variyath, Memorial University, Canada, Variable Selection In Multivariate Multiple Regression 04-01-2019
7 Prof. Roshan Joseph, Georgia Tech, USA, Support Points: A New Method for Data Reduction 19-12-2018
8 Prof. N. Unnikrishnan Nair, Statistical Modelling 26-10-2018
9 Mrs. Sunitha Bhaskar, Indian Statistical Service, Statistics for Effective Governance 08-10-2018
10 Prof. Thomas Mathew, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA, Statistical Methods for Cost Effectiveness Analysis - A Selected Review 01-09-2018
11 Prof. K.Muralidharan, University of Baroda, Lean, Green and Clean: Moving towards sustainable life 16-08-2018
12 Talk by Prof. Anup Dewanji, ISI Kolkata 22-06-2018
13 Talk by Prof. Sanjeev Sabnis, IIT Mumbai 18-06-2018
14 Prof. Bovas Abraham, University of Waterloo, Canada, Statistics for Real Life 12-05-2018
15 Prof. Bovas Abraham, University of Waterloo, Canada, Statistics, Data Science and Public Policy 01-03-2018
16 Prof. Yogendra P Chaubey, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, On a Smooth Estimator of Survival Function and Related Results 28-02-2018
17 Prof. Parameswar Pandit, University of Bangalore, Discussion with Research Scholars 26-02-2018
18 Prof. Hira Lal Koul, Michigan State University, USA, Complete Case Analysis for Missing Data 15-02-2018
19 Prof. Yogendra P Chaubey, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, Reciprocal, Symmetry, Unimodality and Khinchine's Theorem 03-01-2018
20 Prof. M. Thenmozhi, IIT Chennai, Computational Finance 10-11-2017
21 Prof. Debasis Kundu, IIT Kanpur, Geometric Skew Normal distributions: A journey beyond Normality 22-09-2017
22 Dr. Sudeesh K Kattumannil, ISI Chennai, Test for Independence between time to failure and cause of failure with K Causes 30-08-2017
23 Prof. Sanjeev Sabnis, IIT, Mumbai, Identification of Protein Based Biomakers for Gliomas 29-08-2017
24 Prof. U. Naik Nimbalkar, University of Pune, Kernel function in Statistical learning and High-dimensional data analysis 02-03-2017
25 Prof. U. Naik Nimbalkar, University of Pune, Load Sharing Systems 02-02-2017
26 Prof. T. P. M. Pakkala, Mangalore University, Financial Derivatives and Option Pricing 19-07-2016

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